Never steal banana from Donkey Kong.

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  • jeromis's profile picture jeromis2019-12-13 18:44:36 (6883535)
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  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2019-12-02 18:10:38 (6876419)

    Lol, I wouldn't have guessed. Does he actually say that in the game? "Hey, you got any food?" It cracks me up for some reason. Maybe it's the face you drew. It's better than the one from that game...
    There was a "Mario's Game Gallery" with a much more friendly-looking Mario.

  • Mario209's profile picture Mario2092019-12-02 13:16:04 (6876333)

    The Mario voice is from Mario Teaches Typing 2. With that creepy-as-heck Mario head.

  • BeefJerkey's profile picture BeefJerkey2019-12-02 13:04:51 (6876331)

    This is dumb but I still laughed. I think the Mario voice is what really did it. Did you do that voice yourself? It's good.

  • Jesse's profile picture Jesse2019-12-02 09:02:21 (6876308)

    Why Mario... WHY?!

  • ThisAusB23's profile picture ThisAusB232019-11-26 17:23:43 (6873088)
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  • miku☆'s profile picture miku☆2019-11-26 17:08:44 (6873083)
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  • Dee's profile picture Dee2019-11-26 03:09:00 (6872976)
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