Quick bolt together Halloween(my birthday) flip just to say Hi really. See you soon.

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  • HeroDraken's profile picture HeroDraken2019-11-12 23:05:03 (6865395)
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  • ☆StarGlow☆'s profile picture ☆StarGlow☆2019-11-12 06:25:48 (6865087)
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  • geezer's profile picture geezer2019-11-12 05:57:03 (6865086)

    if brexit happens, then your internal organs will be the only useful currency, so lay off the booze.

  • geezer's profile picture geezer2019-11-12 02:19:21 (6864844)

    what’d you know about european currency? Farthong and sixpence is more your thing.

  • →←GunN→←'s profile picture →←GunN→←2019-11-11 01:45:17 (6863873)
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  • mrjohn's profile picture mrjohn2019-11-09 22:48:37 (6863064)

    The sweets were a Halloween replacement for stars. Like giving out sweets to Trick or Treaters. What a good idea!

  • mrjohn's profile picture mrjohn2019-11-09 22:46:28 (6863055)

    Thanks, I did get a bit of face ache XD .
    Yeah, frame by frame advance isnt as available as it was in the past. Its such a basic function too.

  • g!ll's profile picture g!ll2019-11-07 15:17:23 (6861605)

    re: thanks :>

  • geezer's profile picture geezer2019-11-06 04:21:39 (6860974)

    Happy Birthday BTW.

  • geezer's profile picture geezer2019-11-06 04:21:27 (6860973)

    Deranged as usual. Glad you're still around. I might just get back into this in the near future.


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