Since June 2019 I have been making flipnotes and it is has been really fun. I'm happy that the stuff I made actually gets watched by people so thanks! I have met some good friends on sudomemo like Shadi, Jeremy and Karl. I'm happy I returned to this site and started making flipnotes again. Thanks Sudomemo B)

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  • DeLtaXxGun's profile pictureDeLtaXxGun• 2022-06-15 09:36:00 (7580433)

    Either way, it’s a shame he got banned.

  • DeLtaXxGun's profile pictureDeLtaXxGun• 2022-06-15 09:35:20 (7580432)


  • DeLtaXxGun's profile pictureDeLtaXxGun• 2022-06-15 09:35:01 (7580431)

    I can’t recall why TopHat Cat had hated him, as I haven’t heard the full story, but I remember THC talking all these bad things about him, and right before M2 got banned, THC apologized to M2, and he forgave him.

  • DeLtaXxGun's profile pictureDeLtaXxGun• 2022-06-15 09:31:07 (7580430)

    Re: I have a feeling that it was because of either his Flipnotes being fan-animations of kids shows, or TopHat Cat and him not getting along in 2015-16? If not either of those, then I’m not sure, I remember his videos having more dislikes than likes.

  • ThisAusB23's profile pictureThisAusB23• 2022-06-14 22:06:18 (7580256)

    Re: sweet

  • Nek studio• 2022-06-14 20:37:05 (7580242)

    Epic 3 year dude 😎

  • DeLtaXxGun's profile pictureDeLtaXxGun• 2022-06-14 17:14:16 (7580192)

    But I am clueless why he was banned on Sudomemo. Maybe because of false reports like smiling cat?

  • DeLtaXxGun's profile pictureDeLtaXxGun• 2022-06-14 17:12:53 (7580191)

    Re: Honestly, I have no clue why he was banned. He also deleted his YouTube channel a couple years ago, probably because of the hate he was getting.

  • RedLeaf★'s profile pictureRedLeaf★• 2022-06-14 15:55:48 (7580138)
    Drawn comment by RedLeaf★
  • ThisAusB23's profile pictureThisAusB23• 2022-06-14 11:59:50 (7580106)

    Great Job :D

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June 9th, 2022 10:30:05
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