Reindeer Yoshi riding the Jingle Bells kart from Mario Kart Tour.

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  • Coolcat5's profile pictureCoolcat5• 2023-12-12 08:16:25 (7820780)

    Ok I have no chance can you make more than one entry? I’m new to this (joined yesterday)

  • Kêithkash★'s profile pictureKêithkash★• 2023-12-12 02:38:53 (7820736)

    I love Mario Kart tour! Yoshi Reindeer is like the best alt besides Yoshi Egg hunt.

  • Twoeliz's profile pictureTwoeliz• 2023-12-11 22:47:36 (7820720)
    Drawn comment by Twoeliz
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December 11th, 2023 21:01:16