Check my comment. it has some important news.

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  • GamerlevTV's profile pictureGamerlevTV• 2024-05-20 01:36:42 (7864995)

    oh no i don’t want you to go bro :(

  • zad's profile picturezad• 2024-05-18 22:01:39 (7864779)
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  • Magomation's profile pictureMagomation• 2024-05-18 20:35:14 (7864761)
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  • Fredley.'s profile pictureFredley.• 2024-05-18 20:12:04 (7864753)
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  • cykadyczny's profile picturecykadyczny• 2024-05-18 15:25:32 (7864703)
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  • williamL➕'s profile picturewilliamL➕• 2024-05-18 15:25:13 (7864702)

    Credit to: Ice Cream Sandwich Short. Hi guys, i just wanted to tell you, that this might b my last flipnote for a hot minute. its just because my screen has a couple of dead pixels, and i think its spreading. but rest assure, i will get a new dsi, if it happens. cya later. ill still respond to comments and stuff, but, bye for now! -WilliamL

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May 18th, 2024 15:20:35
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