Here's a super, gloopy, dripping ice cream fountain for this week's topic. As the ice cream is a thick substance, it drips slowly and lands as large splatting blobs. It was great fun to animate, and looks very tasty indeed. I put a spoon out for you. So enjoy! It's cherry and vanilla. Yummy :d

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  • Zenny's profile pictureZenny· 2021-03-02 09:33:59 (7306103)

    Woah cool loop!

  • Jake's profile pictureJake· 2021-02-21 10:50:37 (7298487)

    I know, right? :D

  • Jake's profile pictureJake· 2021-02-20 15:34:50 (7297671)

    Thanks, mrjohn! Also, I do like Daffy Duck too! My favorite episode is gotta be Duck Amuck, I even have the game for Nintendo DS!

  • Rob· 2021-02-19 22:16:08 (7297188)

    Re: Ah, I see! It works really well! :)

  • 😃~B3â5t~😠's profile picture😃~B3â5t~😠· 2021-02-19 14:42:17 (7296770)
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  • Sudofox's profile pictureSudofox· 2021-02-18 09:08:58 (7295772)

    I love this. I'm pretty curious about the sound design in this one, it's the perfect sound but there's also a mechanized sort of sound too?

  • Rob· 2021-02-17 09:14:08 (7294890)

    Lovely stuff, mrjohn! :D

  • Dee's profile pictureDee· 2021-02-17 04:13:54 (7294854)
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  • Dee's profile pictureDee· 2021-02-17 04:12:22 (7294853)
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  • Destroyer✕'s profile pictureDestroyer✕· 2021-02-16 21:35:34 (7294676)
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February 14th, 2021 22:42:20

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