This was fun to animate! Hope you enjoy it~ ♡

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  • ☁Arakune☁• 2023-04-08 23:59:42 (7740317)

    Art is an escape. I saw the blue post and the vent post but, didn’t want to bother you. You are healing because, you are sad in your own situation. Hope you feel better.

  • ☁Arakune☁• 2023-04-08 12:51:27 (7740061)

    RE: Pretty much that’s how it is. Not the best, but good enough. This is why I usually respond on the website to numerous of comments now. Cute Collab :D

  • ♠J.T.スペード♠'s profile picture♠J.T.スペード♠• 2023-04-08 10:47:08 (7740023)

    Funny XD

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April 8th, 2023 05:45:13
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