I finally made a full new animation! After all that filler and old stuff, I did it.

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  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-06-22 23:25:40 (6787565)

    Don't worry, I'm doing fine. Well, I'm getting there at least. haha

  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-06-08 20:38:06 (6779448)

    Here it is if you wanna see it:


  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-06-08 19:37:07 (6779434)

    It was basically you and her or something

  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-06-08 19:36:32 (6779433)

    I also made a bit of fanart for you today as well! Do you remember in the collab there was that girl or something (I can't remember her name) but she was referred to as gman or something?
    I basically drew/edited something and I don't know how to explain it honestly

  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-06-08 19:30:23 (6779431)

    Sorry my handwriting sucked that day. :P

    I was trying to say welcome back, and about your MV, it's probably the best one on this site, not gonna lie, first time I saw it I broke down crying in laughter (not joking)

  • gibson_010's profile picture gibson_0102019-06-07 23:07:01 (6779066)
    Drawn comment by gibson_010
  • Sulu's profile picture Sulu2019-06-06 05:46:53 (6778401)
    Drawn comment by Sulu
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June 6th, 2019 12:00:08
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