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  • nightshade's profile picturenightshade• 2023-08-16 00:53:09 (7790063)

    I’d roleplay with ya! I’m not very familiar cause I’ve only done the one so I’m pretty flexible

  • BS7• 2023-08-15 23:49:29 (7790054)

    I'll help you!
    It's pretty simple.
    Just make a rp form, make RP rules, make a page to explain your oc and for the person who wants to RP with you, and explain the rp (this last one is optional btw)
    Then you're good.

  • nightshade's profile picturenightshade• 2023-08-15 21:02:43 (7790009)
    Drawn comment by nightshade
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August 15th, 2023 13:07:45
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