I'll eat a log! We be blue! So was it was a bee! And I flee a salami! Call me papá! Me be me! Weak red Head! And there's meat next to me! I throw up mini golf! I'm only five years! Despacito! Three foreman! They are the people feeding OMELETTES!! IN HEEEELL!!!

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  • ☁Arakune☁'s profile picture☁Arakune☁• 2022-09-05 10:59:53 (7611600)

    RE: Nice and thank you! I wanted to make the True Arena DX Version of them but the spectral symmetrical version makes a fine icon. Funny work on this by the way. Lol

  • ★Santiago★'s profile picture★Santiago★• 2022-09-02 18:53:28 (7610601)

    Re:Thank you, I really like your flipnotes :)

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September 2nd, 2022 12:21:54
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