My first Mv inspired in a Supercell music-video. I hope you like it ^^.

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  • engel's profile pictureengel• 2021-02-11 12:52:00 (7290008)


  • Glin's profile pictureGlin• 2021-02-04 09:00:45 (7282706)
    Drawn comment by Glin
  • Hiashi's profile pictureHiashi• 2021-02-03 12:28:14 (7281905)

    Black Eevee-
    C'mon, she didn't steal her art or say, as you say "Hey look, this is mine", better stop being envious and follow people who do original things instead of bothering others who are inspired by existing things, thanks...

  • Glin's profile pictureGlin• 2021-02-02 13:31:15 (7281042)

    Or a link to the YouTube video :3

  • Glin's profile pictureGlin• 2021-02-02 11:29:01 (7280891)

    So, just put in the description " World Is Mine from supercell, Hastsune Miku " :p

  • David GC• 2021-02-01 23:28:38 (7280750)


  • Blackモevee's profile pictureBlackモevee• 2021-02-01 09:16:32 (7280032)

    re : You make the video but you traced the original art of the video, so it's like you just stole the video
    I just asked you to credit, because that not respectful for the original artist. These are not your drawings, that's all

  • Blackモevee's profile pictureBlackモevee• 2021-02-01 08:12:02 (7280021)

    Hello, can you only credit the original artist pls, it's look like you just stole art and say "hey look this is mine" and for people who don't know vocaloid it's look like it's you'r, but it's not. Artists fight to stop the content theft, so pls, credit the original. Thanks

  • HiashiChan's profile pictureHiashiChan• 2021-01-30 17:18:16 (7278193)
    Drawn comment by HiashiChan
  • Kêithkash★'s profile pictureKêithkash★• 2021-01-30 10:29:33 (7277953)

    my Birthday is on the 7th of February

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January 28th, 2021 02:29:07
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World Is Mine supercell, Hastsune Miku 2012 Starts at 00:13