tw// abuse ;; a flip about the experience of my first ever relationship. All is well now and I couldn't be happier with my current partner :) <3

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  • RoastJXB's profile picture RoastJXB2020-09-16 16:49:11 (7125854)

    oh my god i just want to say im so sorry this happened to you its really not right that that person did that, im glad that your in a better relationship now <3

  • poptart's profile picture poptart2020-09-08 17:19:30 (7120029)
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  • poptart's profile picture poptart2020-09-08 17:18:08 (7120028)
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  • shortie's profile picture shortie2020-09-05 23:10:05 (7118375)

    totally get this. its weird, theres something about this type of relationship dynamic that is so romanticized and I often find myself buying into it. guess that's just my bratty side acting up, huh?

  • rush's profile picture rush2020-09-02 08:26:36 (7115605)
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  • Toni's profile picture Toni2020-09-02 02:31:08 (7115534)
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  • Dee's profile picture Dee2020-09-01 16:26:42 (7114890)
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  • -HecaRe.'s profile picture -HecaRe.2020-09-01 15:37:24 (7114849)
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  • Radioラジオ's profile picture Radioラジオ2020-09-01 15:17:04 (7114831)

    Sorry those had to happen to you, love. </3
    :c ily!

  • ★Sprike★'s profile picture ★Sprike★2020-09-01 15:08:53 (7114827)
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