How do you people do this?

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  • PikaSanYT's profile picturePikaSanYT• 2022-09-16 04:22:38 (7614465)

    Also, if you're searching for a rom of flipnote studio, make sure is decrypted, or just decrypt it yourself :p

  • PikaSanYT's profile picturePikaSanYT• 2022-09-16 04:20:33 (7614463)

    What I would do would be downloading a dsi emulator, load flipnote studio on it, make a flipnote, put it on an SD card, and upload it from your dsi, ez and simple

  • Xenofinite's profile pictureXenofinite• 2022-07-07 22:35:55 (7589427)

    i found this online tho:
    currently reading it

  • Xenofinite's profile pictureXenofinite• 2022-07-07 22:26:28 (7589411)

    oh? getting flipnote studio on an emulator? its a very lengthy process and i have searched online and its so damn complicated, i have 0 knowlage on how to do this id like flipnote studio to work on emulator too....

  • Silvia's profile pictureSilvia• 2022-07-07 22:05:33 (7589402)

    I'm not trying to emulate the style, what I'm trying to figure out is how to get Flipnote studio to work on an emulator so I can edit them on PC and then export them to my DSi via an SD card

  • Xenofinite's profile pictureXenofinite• 2022-07-07 17:30:50 (7589309)

    part2: Resize to 1920 x 1080 use, convert to mp4.
    yeahh the youtuber cs ghose animationuses this method to do his flipnnote like animation style on pc, uhhhhhhh idk if this is helpful, i havent actually tried this myself cuz i got no need to, yep...

  • Xenofinite's profile pictureXenofinite• 2022-07-07 17:28:00 (7589303)

    part1:hey there, heres a method to doing animation like the flipnote style on pc i picked up from a secret bit on a video from an animator on youtube called cs ghost animation, it uses opentoonz as the animation software, in the software you raster layer 480 x 270, export as GIF,

  • Casjin's profile pictureCasjin• 2022-07-07 14:51:03 (7589265)
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  • DJ♣'s profile pictureDJ♣• 2022-07-04 13:30:24 (7587510)
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July 4th, 2022 03:01:16
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