While Prez Trump hit the gym, Dee should've learnt to read a map.

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  • T.Marshall's profile picture T.Marshall2020-10-20 20:46:04 (7150641)

    Sorry, it was the wrong one. Here it is!

  • T.Marshall's profile picture T.Marshall2020-10-20 20:42:03 (7150636)

    And here is the commercial! Ps: It's very short!

  • T.Marshall's profile picture T.Marshall2020-10-20 20:34:39 (7150633)

    Hey Dee! They finally sent us the commerical. Here is the talk on it with me in 2 shots

  • me123's profile picture me1232020-10-20 15:06:30 (7150446)

    re: yes it is

  • Gibaverse's profile picture Gibaverse2020-10-19 13:52:13 (7149450)

    just got your comment from July lol. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, lately I've just been more focused on music than drawing I guess

  • ツアーガイド's profile picture ツアーガイド2020-10-19 10:44:29 (7149346)


  • ★0zz●★~'s profile picture ★0zz●★~2020-10-18 19:11:57 (7148796)
    Drawn comment by ★0zz●★~
  • fernando's profile picture fernando2020-10-16 03:34:11 (7146491)
    Drawn comment by fernando
  • Josh's profile picture Josh2020-10-16 03:02:25 (7146489)

    Yeah. I reposted it because it got reported and removed. You know b4 sudomemo changed their guidelines haha.

  • mrjohn's profile picture mrjohn2020-10-16 01:57:13 (7146464)

    It certainly was very cold indeed.
    Grampa Satan XD.

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September 25th, 2020 03:49:23
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