honk honk. so sorry for the years of silence. sudomemo is quite dead i hear...nice to b bk tho. -c.c

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  • ©HⓇ!$➕!ⒶN™'s profile picture ©HⓇ!$➕!ⒶN™2020-01-14 21:51:19 (6904483)
    Drawn comment by ©HⓇ!$➕!ⒶN™
  • P!err0tEXE's profile picture P!err0tEXE2020-01-13 14:34:13 (6903698)

    Ngl, I didn't realize this was recent
    I legit thought it was an older MV that got popular again due to the weird af algorithm lol
    But hey, good to see you on here again ;0)
    Guess I should stop being lazy and make stuff too lol

  • GreenKenko's profile picture GreenKenko2020-01-12 16:22:49 (6902698)

    Yeah, it's nice!

  • Animeyay19's profile picture Animeyay192020-01-09 08:07:34 (6899631)
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  • Vex's profile picture Vex2020-01-08 22:04:16 (6899485)
    Drawn comment by Vex
  • GreenKenko's profile picture GreenKenko2020-01-08 15:57:03 (6899341)

    I adore you oc, is so crazy :D

  • Animeyay19's profile picture Animeyay192020-01-08 13:29:20 (6899290)
    Drawn comment by Animeyay19
  • nightfall☁'s profile picture nightfall☁2020-01-08 00:15:12 (6899138)

    Wow so cool!!!

  • GreenKenko's profile picture GreenKenko2020-01-07 18:55:33 (6898691)

    Welcome back

  • Dee's profile picture Dee2020-01-07 11:57:10 (6898571)
    Drawn comment by Dee
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January 5th, 2020 02:32:10
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