honk honk. so sorry for the years of silence. sudomemo is quite dead i hear...nice to b bk tho. -c.c

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  • •Kiankon•±'s profile picture •Kiankon•±2020-05-05 11:15:04 (6998174)

    Of course, thats understandable :D I’ve pretty much moved to flipnote 3d and flipaclip. My discord is ilovekidou#3546 ;D Im not super active on there but I’d love to catch up sometime!!

  • •Kiankon•±'s profile picture •Kiankon•±2020-05-03 18:20:14 (6995027)

    By the way, this animation is phenomenal! I’ve been animating elsewhere since my DSI is at its brim so.. yeah. Good to know youre still making great content! Hope youve been well!

  • •Kiankon•±'s profile picture •Kiankon•±2020-05-03 18:17:54 (6995022)

    Hey hey!! Super sorry I’m late on this reply.. I mean your comment was from January and its May xD MY BAD! I’ve been way too caught up with school work. NONTHELESS! My main social media is Instagram (my user is @kian.kon !) I've been thinking about you too my friend!

  • spot draws's profile picture spot draws2020-04-15 15:43:41 (6970097)
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January 5th, 2020 02:32:10
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