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I like Eevees and Foxes. :) 53E619308A30BD89
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    $m!Ⓛ£ⒷⒶdHappy birthday!!
  • Drawn comment by Dani
    DaniRe to your comment for SmileBad’s spin-off: yes! I did draw it on the DSi- it just takes a lot of time and care to get it looking good! If you look at some of my older art I wasn’t as good with it before as I am now- practicing is key! You can even try making an art dump where you draw as many things as you can and want! It all comes down to how much details you want to put in it!
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    jeromisHi! ^.^
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    $m!Ⓛ£ⒷⒶdIt's recommended you do that when responding to someone's comment so they know you're responding to something they said. You don't have to though!
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